Shadowbox was created to empower and inspire through a unique boxing workout. The experience bridges the gap between boxing and fitness, with transformative benefits that offer something for every body.

Unbeatable Benefits.  All Levels WELCOME.



A meditative, sweat-dripping workout that combines boxing technique, guided rounds on the heavy bag, and head-to-toe conditioning. You’re led from start to finish through a technique-based, high intensity, and process-driven group class that benefits both your body and your mind.


Improve lean muscle tone, core strength and cardiovascular endurance while you enhance your mood, lower stress levels and boost self-confidence with this holistic boxing workout.


No experience necessary.



Shadowbox provides an unconventional boxing gym experience. The welcoming staff and full amenity locker rooms yield an accommodating and memorable experience.


Each studio bag room is equipped with ambient lighting, a state-of-the-art sound system and an individual, 150lb heavy bag used for the group workout.




Shadowbox Instructors are committed to providing an impactful experience for every client. Their attention to technique and individual teaching approach sets the Shadowbox experience on a level that is unparalleled in the industry.


All instructors bring knowledge, support, and encouragement into every class, helping you find whatever you need in your workout.


Shadowbox Instructors