Peabody, MA – suburb just north of Boston!

Why boxing?
Boxing isn’t just a workout – it's a mental and physical challenge. We're all fighting something, so when we box we're literally punching a bag but simultaneously confronting our internal struggles. It’s so powerful to combine the two.

Guilty Pleasure?
Sweet – doughnuts! Savory – fries!

What are you most passionate about?
Teaching - as a former school teacher and principal, I think it's the most powerful tool for inspiring greatness in others. Teaching doesn't mean having all the answers, but being a partner in someone else's journey to become the best version of themselves.

How do you recharge?
Spending time with my friends and family, calling my mom and dad back home in Boston, or listening to music at a coffee shop.



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Jess’ firm grasp on the body and its anatomy allows her to create a workout tailored to each client’s needs during a Private Training session. Custom routines and exercises designed by Jess will give clients the added push to reach their highest potential. A private session with Jess will propel skill and strength to new heights.