Understanding distance and range is crucial in boxing. When working the heavy bag, your two biggest considerations are inside and outside work. Inside means to box in your "opponents" range of attack (or closer to your heavy bag), while outside involves working outside of that range.

Here are things to keep in mind for distance with both inside and outside work on the heavy bag.

  1. Maintain a strong boxing stance and connection to the floor.
  2. Channel energy through your legs to generate more power.
  3. Drop your shoulders to execute hooks and uppercuts.
  4. Protecting your face with your fists is a priority when working on the inside.
  1. The length or distance of your fully extended jab, is where you should position yourself for outside work on the heavy bag.
  2. When you're working on the outside, put emphasis on your footwork "on your toes" movement.
  3. Keep your weight grounded in both feet with more weight in the ball of the back foot, keeping the back heel slightly lifted.
  4. Find full extensions in your arms on the straight punches.