In boxing, the ability to throw lightning fast punches is a skill set that can be improved with consistent practice and the right mindset.

  1. RELAX. The key factor in achieving maximum punch speed is relaxation. Release the tension from your shoulders and your jaw. Make sure you have your boxing stance set up properly and let your punches ‘fly’ with ease and grace.
  2. TURN DOWN THE POWER. It’s okay for your speed punches to not have ‘knock out’ power. In order to increase your speed, you’ll need to pull back on the power. Think of simply tapping the bag when you’re punching for speed rather than whomping on the bag.
  3. FOCUS ON THE ‘SNAP BACK’. Each time you throw a speed punch out, you should focus on snapping it back 2x faster.
  4. DON’T LOSE YOUR TECHNIQUE. When you’re working to improve your speed, it’s important to not sacrifice your technique (turning your fists over, keeping your elbows in and keeping your fist at your chin). Challenge yourself to only go as fast as you can while still executing each punch properly. If you get to a speed where you can no longer manage proper technique, pull it back and work at a pace that’s appropriate for your current skill level.