Maria's Guide To A Summer Weekend In NYC

Q: Maria, when you’re not boxing, you’re dancing. So when you’re not chasing the sweat, what’s your favorite summer pastime?

A: My daily schedule involves a lot of physical activity, so when I have time to myself during the Summer I like to take it slow. If I have the time, I can spend hours in the park by the water with a book or walking around Lower Manhattan popping in and out of random stores. It’s a great way to take in the city! Followed by a good outdoor happy hour with friends is key.

Q: Do you have a best kept secret for NYC happenings in the summer? If so, let us in on it!

A: Yes! Read the flyers in parks! Outdoor movies, concerts, dance shows, festivals etc. happen pretty much everyday in NYC in the Summer. I used to just breeze past the flyers that are on park benches, trees, and subways but now I stop to read them because usually there is something fun going on. Also, talk to your neighbor. Word of mouth is still a thing.

Q: How do you escape outside the city?

A: I like to take the LIRR to the beach!

Q: How do you escape inside the city?

A: Growing up in New Hampshire, going to the movies at night in the summer was a popular thing to do, so I like to keep that up living in the city. I spend most of the time outside, but when the sun sets it’s fun to hit up those summer blockbusters with friends.

Q: What’s your favorite movie theater in the city?

A: Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn

Q: Favorite outdoor eats?

A: Seamore’s

Q: Lastly, what’s your go-to rooftop situation?

A: Brass Monkey in Meatpacking and the top of the Whitney. I also just love a regular old NYC apartment roof with some beers. #WinTheSummer