Q: Gab, you hail from Portland, OR! Is it safe to say you dig spending time outside? How could we find you spending a nice summer day in NYC?

A: Absolutely! You’ll find me in one of two places: On a bike in the Palisades, or on the sand in the rockaways. Chilling or Chilling…

Q: How do you manage to stay and feel cool during the summer months? Are there certain clothing brands you sweat in or beauty products that you swear by?

A: Chances are if you stopped me in the middle of the street, I’d be wearing something from Lululemon, I’m a huge fan of their cotton tees and tanks - And because I run a hybrid day as a fitness-instructor and designer, commuting by bike in between. I need to keep my outfit changes to a minimum, if it breathes and dries fast, I’m wearing it.

As for beauty products, I carry a rosewater-glycerin spray in my bag at all times. For someone who sweats in the sun almost daily, heat-rash and sunburn need to be cared for quick. Whenever I start to feel like my skin is overexposed, this spray provides quick relief. Also, don't skimp on the sunscreen!

A link to my personal favorite here.

Q: Summer can mean longer days and later nights. Do you have any secrets in getting all the play in but also staying well rested and healthy?

A: So admittedly I let my days go way too late in the summer. I’ve been caught riding back from the beach at 2am and showed up to work the next morning at 9am, I’m no role-model for habitual healthy sleep. BUT! I do make a habit of monitoring how much sleep I'm getting from day to day and I always make sure I never have two late nights in a row, I stay on top of an early bedtime if I really need it by setting alarms on my phone.  

Q: Do you have a morning routine? If yes, what does it consist of and why does it work for you?

A: Well, to be honest...Alarm goes off, I wake up fuzzy-eyed. Focus eyesight on emails that came in overnight ( sound familiar? ) Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and make coffee immediately. Only reply to emails after drinking coffee. I start my days like a lot of people, the way I end them is way more interesting. I have a huge notebook next to my bed where I make lists, every night I write a whole page of personal/professional goals to complete for the next day, I leave it open on the table next to my bed, and it's the first thing I see ( post-coffee ) the next morning.

Q: What’s the best piece of health advice you could give to a client? For the summer months or all year round!

A: Live passionately, fall in love with something every day. Sometimes it’s a burpee, sometimes it's burrata. If there's anything I’m here to do as a fitpro or wellness mentor, it's to acknowledge that your health and wellbeing is a process, not a product. Practice working hard, Practice sitting still, turn your phone off, live confidently. This summer, and forever.

Go forth and WIN IT.

Xoxo -G