What does hydrating + pre/post class fuel look like for SBX Instructor, Christina? We chatted about adding BCAAs to her water along with post workout cheeseburgers paired with sangria. Christina shares how she fuels her summer workouts.

Q: Christina, it’s safe to say that your regular day consists of a good amount of sweating. It’s a feat to stay hydrated even when the weather isn’t warm so how do you hydrate in the summer?
A: I always carry a water with me. No matter the time of day I leave the house, I either grab one to go or grab one while I'm out. I feel my best when I drink as much water as possible, I'm a sucker for Sparkling Water. I can drink gallons of the stuff! When I don't feel like drinking a regular bottle or glass of H20, I reach for a Sparkling kind for sure. Adding BCAAs to water is also a must. When I'm sweating, that means I'm losing water, electrolytes, and salt. All play a major roll is staying hydrated. Make sure to grab the right drink when you’re sweating ;-)
Q: Are there any foods you enjoy that help replenish and hydrate you after your workouts?
A: Watermelon is my summer favorite! It's cold, tastes amazing, is loaded with vitamins and water, and of course natural sugars which we also lose when we train and sweat!

Q: How soon before a workout will you eat? What does a typical pre-workout meal or snack look like?
A: I'm either A, eating a protein loaded source or B, I wait until after to eat. Recently I've been rear-loading my meals, meaning I eat at the end of the day, and I feel much better throughout the day. No full-stomach cramps, plus my muscles need the fuel for recovery more post-workout.

Q: Similar question for your post-workout! What can you be found eating right after you train?
A: I'm a huge advocate of eating what you want that falls within the healthy eating standards. I've tried all types of diets. I have a tendency to stay away from gluten, and have noticed I have much more energy and sleep much better! High-protein, low-gluten. A typical meal would be a gluten-free bun cheese burger, fries, and salad loaded with veggies.

Q: When it comes to fueling and nutrition what do you struggle with the most?
A: Candy!! I love candy. I wouldn't say I crave sugar specifically, but I love my Twizzlers. I try my best to stay away from candy because sugar is a major cause for so many diseases and disorders.
Q: What’s a piece of advice you’d give someone who struggles with the same thing?
A: Don't deprive yourself of anything. Also don't diet, change your lifestyle. We want long-lasting changes and habits. If you can sustain the change, try something that you can. I've had a client start to reduce wine, but starting with one day a week. Not everyday! Start small and soon the impossible will be possible!

Q: Finally, what’s your favorite cold or frozen treat? After all, it’s summer!
A: Sangria or Rose! Yeah I love my wine too ;-)