Instructors share their favorite summer things, personal goals and best advice on how-to make the most of your summer.

JAWS: Drink that water! Work out with a buddy, or roll deep and work out with your squad.  Friends who sweat together stay together.


JEREMIAH: Set mini goals throughout the week. Something along the lines of working out 5x a week or 2x a day M-TH and use the weekends to travel or enjoy the weather with your friends and family! WORK HARD PLAY HARD.


GABRIELA: Morning sweat-sessions are key! Ride a bike over the GWB. Go to free concerts in the park. Get on your roof and cook something! ( & stay hydrated for all of this ;)


JESS: Try to get your workout in first thing in the morning because you’ll be too tired in the afternoon AND you’ll feel good all day long - making plans to workout with a friend helps, too!


OLIVIA: hydrate!!! When it gets hot out we often feel sluggish and moving the bod becomes more of a task. Put some cut up fruit in your water to change it up and keep things interesting. Sometimes I leave mine in overnight in the refrigerator - It tastes good too :)

ANNAH: Play outside! Join a rec sports league, rent a citibike, go on a hike, WALK EVERYWHERE & Popsicles :)

RAD: Find activities that you love to do, and try your best to stay away from routines. Try new things to do at least once a week to keep it fresh and eventful. Wear good shades and remain cool even when the weather isn't! ;)


JULIAN: To make the most of the summer, actively seek events that encourage you to get outside. My goals are to continue training and elevate myself to the next level. Try working out with a friend and exchange workouts together. One of my favorite activities was dog walking for a shelter!!


KELLI: Sweat often, see new places, and stop to smell the rosé.


MARIA: goals for the summer: stick to an activity that gets me up and out early, so I can enjoy the full day.


DOUGIE: Reward good behaviour ! My favourite thing to do is go out for a big breakfast after an early morning workout.


CHRISTINA: Take advantage of the beautiful weather to get moving and stay focus on your fit goals! Workout early in the day before it gets too hot, the heat can train us of our energy! 20 minutes of healthy sun time helps too! Vitamin D is proven to raise healthy hormones to help us feel amazing, fight disease, and increase athletic performance! Get to class and you won't be disappointed ;-)