SBXEDU: Turning over your punches

You've likely heard your SBX Instructor ask you to "TURN OVER YOUR PUNCHES" during class. But why?
Here are the most important reasons to get those fists rotating...

1. Injury prevention: Rotating your fist so that it makes contact with bag while your wrist, elbow and shoulder are all aligned will help protect your joints from injury.

2. Pack more power: As you turn your fist, you're inviting your entire upperbody to get involved in the punch. This equals power!

3. Increased reach: Rotating your fist will actually activate a rotation through your entire arm, up to your shoulder. This elongates your muscles, allowing you a further reach.

4. Secures your defense: Think of your arm as a coil... if you rotate it one way, it's going to retract the opposite way with more velocity. This allows your fist to snap back to it's defensive position in front of the face.