What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
The really frustrating moments are the opportunities to learn the most.

If you could have a dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Prince. Even though I’d be very nervous the entire time.

Describe your perfect day.

Well first of all it would be warm and sunny. I’d wake up (late) to have coffee, pancakes, and bacon. Hit up a work out with friends. Walk around the West Village stopping at my favorite places. I like going to the riverside parks and laying out, playing frisbee, or volleyball with friends. And then after I would enjoy a nice little happy hour!

Why boxing?
I was so intrigued with boxing from the very first Jab I threw. I love the rhythm and stamina that it requires. I love the mental concentration it demands. And I love that there is a lesson in every boxing workout. I’ve learned lately that the more I relax and let go, the faster I can go. It’s a beautiful sport and there is something in it for everyone!

What’s a piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?
Enjoy where you are and take your time!

What is a habit you’re proud of breaking or want to break?
I’m working on being less apologetic and being confident in asking for things I think I need and deserve.

Who is your hero?
My family. That’s a lot of people haha. But I think as a unit I admire how strong, resilient, and open my family is. They taught me to be tough and go after what I want even if it’s not always pretty!

How do you deal with criticism?
I’ve been a dancer my whole life, which means I am used to getting “notes” on everything. I love constructive criticism. I found a balance between knowing what I am good at and feeling confident, but also being open to criticism. This skill has helped me grow as an instructor, a dancer, and a person. Know what you want to take out of the criticism and be a sponge because there is always something to learn. I practiced not taking it personally and being happy and open to learning something.

What is the most memorable Shadowbox class you’ve taken or taught?
The most memorable Shadowbox class that I have taught was at the DUMBO studio, I think it was my second week. It was when the nerves of being new went away and things really started to click. I remember talking to the clients after class about how much they enjoyed it and that truly meant the world to me. I’ve been a paying client before, so it was so rewarding to feel like I gave a class that people loved and had a great time in. Especially on a Saturday!

What’s your favorite pre-workout meal?
Rad.Nutrition has an awesome Pre-Workout supplement. It’s great for the energy and focus required in boxing and for me, dancing, but it doesn’t make me jittery like coffee sometimes does. I really trust this brand and the people that make this product. Plus, it’s delicious. For food, I’ll eat something light like a banana or an apple with peanut butter. My post-workout meal is a bigger deal, I can’t work out on a full stomach. After working out, I’ll have eggs, a sandwich, or anything with a good source of protein. Honestly, I eat things I enjoy and don’t stress or plan over food too much! Sometimes an old fashion peanut butter and jelly or yogurt and granola makes me feel the best!

What’s your vice?
Food-wise? definitely doughnuts. I also have a terrible habit of staying up too late watching television!

Besides boxing, what’s another activity or sport that you enjoy?
I am a professional dancer with Elisa Monte Dance in NYC, so whenever I am not boxing I am usually taking ballet or rehearsing. I also love swimming and think it is one of the best things for the body!

When in need, where do you search for inspiration or motivation?
I find a lot of inspiration and motivation in music. I’m also a big walker. So a great playlist and some time to go for a stroll and reset my brain usually gives me that boost I need to get out of a funk.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
I liked when someone told me there was nothing forgettable about me! I think that’s a good thing...