5 Reason why it's important to Retract Your Punches

What does it mean to 'Retract Your Punch'?
It's the motion of quickly and strongly bringing your fist back to your face after you throw it out for a punch. 
It's a common mistake to think the hard work is done once you make contact with the bag, but that's only the half of it. Here's why bringing your punch back to your face is just as important as throwing it out...

1. The faster you retract your punches, the more speed and power they will carry.

2. When your punch feels more like a 'pushing' motion (rather than a 'snapping' motion), you're wasting energy and exposing yourself to pre-mature muscle fatigue.

3. Quickly retracted punches will set you up for better a defensive position.

4. You improve core strength by retracting your punches, as the motion requires engagement of your deep core muscles and stabilizers.

5. Retracting your punches quickly requires a strong flex in the wrist upon contact with bag, which protects your hands and arms from injury.