Instructor takeover: Rad

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Trust the process” I’ve always expected a lot of great things out of myself and would get disappointed when things weren’t going my way. Hearing this has taught me to be more patient, not only with myself but with everything else around me. Every bump on the road is just another lesson towards growth and improvement.  

If you could have a dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Uff tough one.. Bob Marley, Just to listen to his wisdom. Or JLo -wink wink-

Describe your perfect day.
My perfect day: I would get up around 7am and get a good 3 mile jog, then hit the Jungle Gym at the park for a good workout. Then I’d go back to my apartment and relax over some coffee and tv. Later in the afternoon I’d kick it with my friends for a while have some good laughs. And to finish it off I’d have a good dinner at a nice restaurant and get home where I’d sleep like a baby.

Why boxing?
Boxing is just such an amazing sport to me. It's one of the few things that actually challenges me to push myself as hard as I can and I’m always up for the challenge. There’s always something to learn and always something to improve on. You just gotta love the sweet science.

What is a habit you’re proud of breaking or want to break?
Lol eating junk food for breakfast lunch and dinner. Glad I’ve broken out of that one. Makes me feel so much better.

Who is your hero?
My Mother. She’s the hardest worker I know and always finds a way to accomplish anything.

What’s a piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?
Focus young man, Focus. Work now play later and not the other way around.

How do you deal with criticism?
Love it! It’s always good to hear because you can learn from it and see things from a different perspective.

What is the most memorable Shadowbox class you’ve taken or taught?
My first class ever was interesting haha! What a wreck! Now it’s always good to look back at all the improvements I’ve made since then. Giving myself a good pat on the back.

If you had a day off with no responsibilities, how would you spend it?
Watching childhood cartoons, old gangster movies and comedies while eating cereal in bed.

What’s your favorite pre-workout meal?
I usually like to work out on an empty stomach. If not i’ll keep it light with some fruit.

Besides boxing, what’s another activity or sport that you enjoy?
Soccer because it’s challenging and also really helps my footwork. And Basketball because it’s always fun to yell “Kobe!” as you shoot a fadeaway jump-shot.

When in need, where do you search for inspiration or motivation?
When i need inspiration I always think back at where I started, and then think of how far i’ve come.

Best Compliment You’ve Ever received?
Being told that thinking of me brings up the thought of old love songs