Featured Shadowboxers: Laura & David

Meet Laura & David
You'll find this power couple taking turns handing off their adorable baby between classes...#parentgoals!

David: Talladega, AL.
Laura: Birmingham, AL.

Why boxing?
David: I believe its important to keep a strong core, and boxing is one of the best core exercises you can do. Not to mention its a great stress reliever!
Laura: I started coming to get back in shape post-baby, but stayed because it's both a physical and mental workout. Nothing beats a Sunday class to prepare for Monday at work.

Favorite punch?
David: Without a doubt, the hook (specifically backhand hook) is my favorite punch. It's amazing the amount of power you can generate when done correctly - its exhilarating.
Laura: The cross, right after a slip or a roll.

What are you guys doing when you're not boxing?
David: When I'm not boxing or spending time with my family, I can be found helping the world to breathe fresh air at filterbuy.com
Laura: I like finding new restaurants and running after my daughter. Thanks to everyone who's helped with the door when we're doing our weekly baby handoff!